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5 Unnecessary Wedding Expenses that Most Couples Regret

April 21, 2023

Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

      Getting married but not sure if you're spending your money on the right things? Take a look at these pointers to ensure you do not make mistakes others have and make smarter decisions before tying the knot.

      For hopeless romantics like us, scrapbook dream weddings are all we can think of. But guess what - unfortunately, such a wedding comes at a cost. Even an intimate event wouldn't cost you less than six figures. While it's all well and good if you have the budget to pay for it - have you thought of what might be the unnecssary wedding expenses

      While it's all well and good if you have the budget to pay for it - have you thought everything through?

      We understand how special weddings are, and going a little overboard is perfectly justified. But is everything in your wedding plan worth overspending? Maybe not.

      But amidst the hustle and bustle of the wedding, it can be quite confusing to understand what to keep and what to let go of.

      Today we will be taking you through the five things couples usually regret spending money on after the wedding. Once you know, there won't be much room for regrets in yours. 

      Getting a Designer Wedding Dress

      Sure, many women out there drool over wedding dresses, especially designer ones. While getting such a wedding dress might seem fancy, does it make much sense?

      We mean to say that you will be spending not thousands but lakhs on an outfit and will probably wear it once or twice.

      Many women who got married in designer outfits look back and regret such a significant financial decision because of the dent it left on their finances.

      Imagine saving that amount or investing it - you would have saved a considerable amount for your savings fund.

      Instead, we suggest renting a wedding dress or going for a non-designer wedding outfit that wouldn't cost you a fortune.

      You can easily get the job done within thousands. You can go ahead and invest the money and incur great returns within the next five years. 

      Hiring a Wedding Planner

      Weddings indeed call for immense labor and great management skills - undoubtedly, wedding planners seem like no less than a godsend sometimes.

      But the cost that comes with them is huge and can take a toll on your finances.

      But you know, weddings still happened even when wedding planning wasn't a profession. So, there's no reason why you can't make it happen without a wedding planner.

      Imagine giving out your hard-earned money to an individual just for putting in some hours planning your big day - you could have done that, too, if you had the time to plan, right?

      If you can save thousands, sometimes even lakhs by investing more time and planning, then why not?

      We suggest starting at least six months early on the journey and trying to bring in as many hands as possible.

      Don't hesitate to ask for help from colleagues, friends, or neighbors! 

      Going for a Stretch of Menu

      It's common for people to go overboard when deciding on the wedding menu. While it's okay to splurge a little on your wedding - too much of it can result in total waste and leftovers.

      No matter who said, "You can never have too much food," but - you really can, and that's why the right estimation comes in handy.

      To estimate how much food you need, getting the proper headcount may help. That's why asking your guests to RSVP at least a month before the wedding is essential.

      Once you have the list of RSVPs, you can give a final head count to your caterer and cut back on the huge menu cost.

      Decorating the Reception Hall Lavishly

      More than half of the wedding budget is spent on lavish wedding hall decorations with imported flowers, gorgeous tableware, and more.

      But if we are being honest - how much difference does it really make? Probably, not much. 

      Now, we certainly aren't asking you to reject decor, but choosing some affordable options might help. For example, you can give a shot at local flowers instead of going for imported ones.

      Keeping this little approach in place for your wedding decor can help you save at least a couple of lakhs or two. 

      Splurging on a Fancy Wedding Venue

      For fellow romantics like us, getting married on exotic beaches or in beautiful hills is no less than a dream come true - right?

      But unfortunately, such dream-like wedding venues come at a cost, which is almost impossible to afford unless you're rolling in money.

      We understand how important such dreams can be - but are you ready to blow up all your life's hard-earned savings because of that?

      Even if you can afford the hefty cost of the wedding venue - can you imagine paying for transportation and accommodation for all your guests?

      Think it through, and then decide because it's your financial future at stake!

      Final Wrap

      To sum up, every couple has different priorities regarding weddings. Whatever your wedding plans are - splurging money on unnecessary things doesn't make sense.

      Now that you are more aware of the things couples usually regret spending on their weddings, you have a fair idea of what to keep and what to strike off the list. 

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