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This is life at Jar.

In the quiet but beautiful neighbourhood of Koramangala, Bengaluru is where you will find us. But we come from all over the country. The people who go on to be successful at Jar are easy to spot. Ownership and consistency are what drive them. Their fuel is their passion and above all, treating their fellow workers as their equals is their edge.

Jar at work. And at play.

The culture here at Jar isn’t where there exists one set of rules or one way of doing things. Each team has its own ways of working, systems, and internal understanding and that’s what becomes the Jar way of working, as long as it helps achieve a real outcome for the organisation.

Super transparent

Our hiring process.


Our talent acquisition team reads applications (they really do) to gauge how serious a candidate is about Jar.

Two-way Interview

With the hiring manager. Are you up for it? Do you like the role? These are the answers we seek. Pro-tip: Ask lots of questions. Assignments may be given.

Culture matters

This round is to see if you fit Jar’s culture & for you to find out if it works for you too. If yes, then we’re in business.


Looking out?
So are we for these roles below.

Thee Marketeers

We have a total of 7 Job Openings in the Marketing Team right now.


Brains - Product

We have a total of 4 Job Openings in the Product Team right now.


Avengers...Oops Engineers

We have a total of 6 Job Openings in the Engineering Team right now



We have a total of 2 Job Openings in the Design Team right now


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