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6 Reasons why you should Buy Digital Gold from Jar App

April 21, 2023

Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

      From autosave to gold gifting and delivery, check out these compelling reasons to start investing in Digital Gold through the Jar app.

      Digital Gold, no doubt, has many advantages over traditional Gold. Because of this, it has been gaining popularity over the years in this “online first" economy. 

      It is a cutting-edge, incredibly practical, and secure way to buy Gold via digital channels.

      A hedge against inflation in particular, Gold has traditionally been the preferred investment, and Digital Gold makes the entire process more transparent and seamless.

      But what makes this investment so popular? Why should you invest in it?

      Here are six reasons why you should buy Digital Gold from the Jar app:

      1. Investing in Digital Gold from as low as ₹10

      When you invest in physical Gold, you must buy at least 1 gram of Gold, right? The price fluctuates daily.

      The best thing about investing in Digital Gold through the Jar App is that you can start saving and investing in Gold from ₹10. 

      It offers flexibility that no other form of Gold offers. You can buy in small quantities depending on your financial ability. It is affordable and easily accessible. 

      Trust us, these small investments go a long way!

      2. Autosave your money

      Life would be so much easier if you didn't have to deal with the headaches and uncertainty of market-based savings plans - setting money aside manually every month.

      That's why you now have AutoSave - to automatically save your money


      Autosave is a one time process where you can set how you want your money saved (Jar gives you 3 options) and automatically invest in Digital Gold. 

      It is 100% safe and NPCI approved. More than 125 banks currently support UPI automatic payments. 

      Setup takes less than a minute and can be changed at any time from the settings. Based on your savings preferences, Jar will calculate your daily amount to save and invest in digital Gold on your behalf. 


      Jar will notify you 24 hours before the deduction, and you can then choose to cancel the transaction if you wish. After 24 hours, it will deduct that amount from your bank account and also invest in digital Gold. 

      Let the Jar app and your bank manage your personalised savings plan for you. It couldn't be easier. Just set up autosave once and you're good to go!

      Read more about it here: Jar 101: What is Autosave and how to set it up on the Jar app?

      3. Buy and sell Gold anytime and anywhere

      Gone are the days when the only way to buy Gold was by visiting the Jewellery store and buying a minimum of 1 gram of gold from there.

      Today, you can buy and sell Gold anytime, anywhere through the Jar app with just a few simple steps. 

      Money is sent directly to your bank account.

      To get the full resale value of your Gold in the future, you don't need to visit a dealer or maintain a protected Gold buying account for years. 

      4. Get 24k 99.5% pure Gold

      When you buy Gold through the Jar app, genuine 24k 99.5% Gold is kept in a locker in your name by one of India's three Gold banks - SafeGold.

      This makes sure that your safety is always guaranteed. In contrast to physical Gold, you don't have to worry about it being stolen or being outdated.

      Only Gold bars that fulfil the "Good Delivery" standards are purchased by SafeGold, Jar's partner Gold bank, and all coins have their assays verified by an authorised government laboratory.

      Each coin and bar is properly certified to ensure the highest purity of 99.99% 24K Gold.

      When purchasing Gold jewellery through the conventional method, you must additionally pay fees and additional taxes in addition to the cost of the Gold itself.

      Depending on the style of your jewellery, jewellers may charge between 7 to 25%. The cost rises and the value is added to the price of Gold if the jewellery you choose contains precious stones and diamonds.

      On the other hand, you deal with pure Gold in Digital Gold. Your entire budget is entirely invested in Gold. When you make the purchase, you only need to pay 3 percent GST.

      5. Get Gold physically delivered to your home

      It's as simple to purchase Gold coins and Gold bars through the Jar app as it is to place an online food or product order.

      You can get Gold physically delivered to your doorstep - in the form of coins and bars - anytime and anywhere. The delivery will be secured in a sealed and insured package. There are no making charges.

      A minimum of 0.5 grams of Gold is required to order a physical delivery through the Jar app.

      Delivery charges will be applied based on the amount of gold you select for home delivery.

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      Don’t wait. Start your investment journey with Digital Gold. Download the Jar app today.