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An Automated Investment Option for Middle Class Indians

April 21, 2023

Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

      Digital gold is the best investment option for Indian middle-class investors looking for an automated investment plan. To know more, check out this article!

      Middle class in India currently makes up around 31% of the population. In other words, 1 out of every 3 people in India belongs to the middle class. That being said, this section of Indian society is normally seen as the one escaping from active investment plans or simply, avoiding any major risk in financial planning. 

      But how can we neglect the gold love of middle-class Indians! For a very long time, gold has been the top choice of the middle class and with new options like digital gold, investments in gold are now attracting everyone. 

      You must have come across various memes glorifying the lack of diversification in investment plans of middle-class Indians. Options like Fixed Deposits (FD) and physical gold are explicitly used by the middle class for investment. Another such well-known option for middle-class Indians is the PPF (Public Provident Fund). 

      Well, these stereotypes aren’t false. Middle class in India often uses these instruments- at least the boomers and GenX have completely relied on these financial instruments.

      However, the times have changed, and, with the rise of market economies and the instabilities that have arisen as a result, are changing the patterns of investments by middle class Indians. 

      In case you belong to the middle class and are just starting your investment journey, you must have come across various investment instruments. One common thing that makes you skeptical of them all is the risk and the uncertainty that follows. 

      With a long-term mindset, equities and stocks seem like the best option. But the high risk can kill the will to invest in them. Similarly, options like FDs no longer seem to be generating profitable returns in addition to being quite a long commitment. 

      When you try to invest in real estate, you face another trouble- it is not quite liquid and the value highly fluctuates and depends on various external factors- making it a comparatively unreliable, but still, potentially profitable option. 

      What else is left then? Think about the glorious yellow metal- GOLD. 

      Gold is the oldest investment mate of the middle class. In the past decade, gold prices have seen a 300% surge- clearly highlighting the relevance of gold in investment plans even after 1000s of years. In recent years, we have also witnessed the emergence of Digital Gold. 

      Digital gold is still gold but with even more secure and reliable transactions and processes. The problems of storage and maintenance are successfully met by digital gold. 

      One fact that makes digital gold attractive is the minimum cost required to get it. With easy-to-use online apps and tools, you can start with just Rs. 10! With as low as 1 gram of gold, you can start saving and investing in digital gold. 

      As someone belonging to the middle class, it is natural to carefully calculate risk many times before investing. But here too, digital gold can resolve your doubts. 

      Digital gold is a completely safe, convenient, cost-effective and automated investment option. 

      That being said, mark these features of digital gold: 

      1. Digital gold is backed by pure 24-carat physical gold. The entire process can be automated- you don’t need to put in much effort. With just a few clicks, you can get started with your secured auto-investment plan.

      2. You can develop a daily saving habit through the effective use of digital gold instruments. You can get this gold delivered to your doorstep. 

      3. Your gold is stored in insured safety vaults, in case you decide to let the company keep it. You can start by buying as low as 1 gram of gold. You don’t need any prior pool of savings- begin with just INR 10. 

      4. Digital gold is easily available online and is quite easy to trade in. You can use digital gold as your daily saving option.

      5. Digital gold doesn’t lose value and therefore, is a highly liquid asset and can be sold easily online based on current market prices. Digital gold is also a great gift option to secure the financial health of your friends and family! 

      6. Digital gold can open further prospects for investment as it provides stable returns and can be a good cushion to your financial portfolio. It will help you lessen the risk in your investment plan. 

      7. Digital gold is free from exchange rate manipulations. In other words, you can easily trade in digital gold around the world without actually touching the physical gold. Sounds interesting right?

      8. Since millennials save less than 10% of their income, digital gold can help them save efficiently for the future with its low costs and accessibility. 

      Taking into account all these benefits leaves you with just one question- where to buy digital gold from? Try out the Jar app. Jar is your digital gold buddy and will help you to create a beneficial habit of saving daily!  

      With its user-friendly easy-to-use features, you can start saving and investing in digital gold with just a few clicks. In addition, you can explore various informative articles to improve your financial literacy. 

      Digital gold is the solution to the doubts of any new middle-class investor! It is a safe, reliable and convenient option to reduce the risk in your portfolio while also setting up an effective automated plan. If you are looking forward to managing your funds properly and starting early but safely in the investment world, beginning with digital gold is a good option. 

      Remember that you do not require any specialized skills to start investing in digital gold. Nor do you require any professional services. Plus, digital gold is backed by real physical gold. With seamless procedures and reliable online platforms, you can start your investment journey today!