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Bihar Student Credit Card (BSCC) - Everything you need to know

October 5, 2023

Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

      Learn how you can get your Bengal Student Credit Card which has empowered students with financial freedom and paved the way for brighter futures.

      With the rise of fintech technology over the years, students today are exploring the use of student credit card.

      The Bihar Student Credit Card Scheme (BSCC) 2023 is a scheme introduced by the Bihar Government for students who require financial assistance to complete their higher education.

      If a student is admitted to a university with the help of their Bihar student credit card 2023, they are not required to pay any fees, and a further amount for hostel accommodation shall be paid.

      It must be noted that the university in concern must be a government-approved educational institution. 

      Similar to WBSCC, With the help of their BSCC card, a student can complete courses in fields like engineering, pharmacy,para-medical, nursing or any other undergraduate or postgraduate courses. This scheme is beneficial for the students residing in the State of Bihar who cannot afford education.

      With an interest rate of 4% p.a., this reduces the burden on the applicant and the co-applicant. 

      What is the full form of BSCC in education?

      The BSCC scheme has been launched by the Bihar State Government in India. The full form of BSCC is the “Bihar Student Credit Card”. 

      Features of the Bihar Student Credit Card (BSCC) Scheme 2023

      The benefits of credit cards is well documented today, lets check out some of the perks of the BSCC Scheme below:

      1. With this scheme, you can receive a maximum loan of Rs. 4 Lakhs.
      2. The scheme offers a simple interest rate of 4% p.a.
      3. Female students, transgender students and students with disabilities can get a preferential interest rate of 1%
      4. The BSCC Scheme also provides financial assistance with respect to purchasing books, laptops, etc. necessary for the successful completion of the course. 
      5. The students have to repay the loan amount after the completion of their course. The scheme also provides the option to repay the amount six months after the commencement of their job. 

      Who is eligible for the BSCC scheme?

      There are certain requirements to fulfil in order to obtain the BSCC card. Check out the eligibility criteria to receive the Bihar student credit card below.

      1. The student must be residing in Bihar. He or she must have completed their Class 12th or Class 10th  board examination from Bihar or any other neighbouring state.
      2. To qualify for the Bihar student credit card, the student must choose any of the courses specified in Annexure 3.
      3. The annual income of the applicant or his or her parent must be less than Rs.50,000/-
      4. At the time of application, the age of the student must be less than 25.
      5. The student cannot be admitted under the management quota.
      6. The BSCC scheme also allows students to pursue education abroad.
      7. In order to receive the loan amount, the student must complete their education.

      Bihar Student Credit Card Documents List

      Before applying for the Bihar Student Credit Card (BSCC) Scheme, you must keep the following documents ready.

      1. Application form - The student must submit their duly field application form for the Bihar Student Credit card scheme.
      1. Aadhar card - It is necessary for the student to submit his Aadhar card for verification. Furthermore, the co-applicant who is usually the parent of the student has to submit their Aadhar card as well subject to exceptions.
      1. PAN card - The student also needs to submit their PAN card. Moreover, the co-applicant needs to submit their PAN card as well. 
      1. Marksheet and certificate of Class 10th and 12th Board examination - Only those students who have completed their Class 10th and 12th board examinations can qualify for this scheme. Therefore, they need to submit the marksheet and certificate of the two board examinations for verification purposes.
      1. Course structure - The student needs to submit a copy of the course that they desire to pursue. This course structure must include extensive details of the courts and the fee details. This is necessary to calculate the amount required for the loan.
      1. Admission proof - The student must submit the admission receipt received from the college.
      1. Income certificate - It is necessary to submit the income certificate for the previous financial year. This is required to verify the annual income of the student or his or her family.
      1. Income tax return - A copy of the income tax returns filed by the student or the family for the past two years is required to assess the financial history.
      1. Address proof - This is required to verify the student's residential address. The address proof can be any government-approved document. 

      How do I register with BSCC?

      Here is the detailed procedure on how to get registered with BSCC.


      1. Step 1 - Visit www.7nischay‐ and click on “new registration.”
      1. Step 2 - Filipiore details, including your name, mobile number and email ID. Once you have correctly entered all the data, click on the “send OTP”  button.
      1. Step 3 - Submit the OTP sent to the given mobile number. Click on the submit button next.
      1. Step 4 - You shall see a pop-up where you need to confirm that all the details entered are correct.
      1. Step 5 - Your registration for the Bihar student credit card scheme is successful. Now, you shall receive the username and password to your email ID and mobile number.
      1. Step 6 - Visit the website again and log in with the given username and password. Next, change your password to a password of your choice.

      How Do I Apply for BSCC?

      Here is the detailed procedure on how you can apply for BSCC.

      1. Step 1 - Visit www.7nischay‐ and log in with your username and password.

      1. Step 2 - Fill up all the necessary details with respect to your personal information. Once you are done, click on the submit button. Next, confirm that all the details entered by you are accurate. 
      1. Step 3 - Now you need to fill In the scheme that the applicant wants to choose. Select BSCC from the drop-down menu.
      1. Step 4 - With respect to the BSCC scheme, both the applicant and the co-applicant must fill in their personal information, employment details, amount of loan required, details of the course, information about their finances, preferred mode of repayment and so on. Once you are done, click on “Submit application”.
      1. Step 5 - Verify all the details entered by you. Note that once you click on the submit button, you cannot modify any information. If you are confident you have entered the details correctly, click “Yes”.
      1. Step 6 - Your application has been successfully submitted. You shall receive a PDF of the application.

      District Registration cum Counseling Center (DRCC)

      Once your application is successfully submitted, you need to visit the DRCC centre and comply with the following steps.

      1. Step 1 - You must visit the DRCC on the scheduled date with all the required documents. Submit all the documents for verification. When the verification is successfully completed, you shall receive an acknowledgement slip.
      1. Step 2 - Your application shall go through a second layer of verification and your application data shall be handed over to the Assistant Manager of schemes. After the verification procedure is completed, it shall be passed to the third party verification agency.
      1. Step 3 -Unless there is any discrepancy, the application shall be forwarded to the nominated Officer of the Education Department. Once he scrutinizes your application, he shall forward it to the respective bank.
      1. Step 4 - The bank will verify all the documents and will finally authorize the sanction of the education loan. You shall receive a copy of the sanction letter. The sanction of the education will also be intimated to you through your mobile number and email ID.
      1. Step 5 - You shall be intimated about the date on which you need to collect your student credit card and a hard copy of the sanction letter. 
      1. Step 6 - Take the official student credit card to your bank and complete all the paperwork.
      1. Step 7 - The education loan shall now be disbursed to your bank account by the concerned bank.

      FAQs about BSCC

      Q) Is there an age criteria to apply for BSCC?

      Answer - Yes, there is an age criteria for the BSCC scheme. The applicant must be at least 25 years of age. 

      Q) How can I check my BSCC loan status? 

      Answer - After you have completed the registration process and further successfully applied for the BSCC loan for any of the specified courses, you can check your application status at

      Q) Is there a helpdesk for BSCC?

      Answer - Yes, the BSCC offers a helpdesk facility to all the applicants. The applicants can reach out at tel:1800 3456 444. Applicants further have the option to email the authorities at 

      Q) Can I pay laptop with my BSCC card?

      Answer - Subject to exceptions, almost all the courses offered by the Bihar State Government allow the applicant to buy all the stuff necessary to complete the course, such as laptops, textbooks and stationeries. 

      Q) What is the time limit for verification?

      Answer - The verification of your application usually takes 15 days unless some discrepancies are found. In that case, the application shall be returned to you and you can submit it again after correction.