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Dhanteras 2022: How to Get Gold Coins & Gold Bars to Your Home

April 21, 2023

Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

      Purchasing Gold coins and bars has never been easier. Instead of going to a store amidst this pandemic, order them online through the Jar app.

      Gold has enormous sentimental meaning for us Indians. It is more than just a precious metal or a potential investment. One long-standing tradition where Gold is involved is the festival of Dhanteras. 

      Dhanteras, also known as Dhanatrayodashi, is typically celebrated with fervour because it is regarded as one of the most significant of all Hindu festivals. 

      The word ‘Dhanteras’ is made up of two words: 'dhan,' which means wealth, and 'teras,' which means the 13th day of the lunar cycle in the Hindu calendar.

      It is regarded as a lucky day to invest in gold and other precious metals because it is the first day of Diwali. Gold, silver, and utensils are purchased on this day since Dhanteras is a festival of wealth and prosperity. 

      And every year, Indians throng to purchase the yellow metal in the form of jewellery, coins, or bars - resulting in the increasing demand for gold.

      Why do people buy gold on Dhanteras?

      According to Hindu mythology, during the churning of the sea, also known as ‘samudra manthan’, Goddess Lakshmi emerged from the water holding a pot of gold. 

      People invest in gold during this period in order to receive her blessings and boost their prosperity in the upcoming year.

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      Things to keep in mind when buying Gold coins and gold bars

      1. Gold Purity

      Always verify the purity of a gold coin or bar before buying it. The two main metrics used to determine the purity of gold coins are ‘fineness’ and ‘karat’. 

      The purest kind of gold is 24 Karat (24K), which contains 24/24 parts gold. The same goes for 22 Karat gold, which is made up of 22 parts gold and 2 parts other metals like silver or zinc. 

      2. Gold Weight

      Another important point is to confirm the correct weight of your gold coin or bar before purchasing. The majority of manufacturers produce gold coins weighing between 0.5g and 100g. 

      However, most buyers opt for weights of 10g or less. Even if you can select the weight or denomination you want, the jeweller will determine whether or not it is offered.

      3. Hallmarking

      Aside from a gold coin or bar's purity, you should also examine it to see if it has a hallmark. A hallmark is a brand that attests to a gold coin's compliance with the Indian Standard's requirements for gold purity. 

      Here’s all you need to know about Hallmark, KDM, and 916 Varieties of Gold.

      4. Making Charges

      In comparison to purchasing gold jewellery, purchasing gold coins and bars is more widely available and less expensive. In contrast to jewellery with high making charges, the making charges for gold coins often fall within the 8–16% range.

      5. Billing correctly

      When purchasing a gold coin or bar, it is crucial to have the jeweller provide you with a thorough bill as proof of your purchase. Ensure that this bill includes all the necessary information. This should include the weight, karat, and gold's current price per gram, as well as the amount of any fees. 

      You must make sure that you receive a permanent bill that accurately records your purchase of gold coins, including documentation of their legality, purity, and value, as well as a statement of their proper value.

      6. Packaging

      Many jewellers recommend people not to open the tamper-proof packaging. Although there is no law in place for packaging, many sell their valuable assets in tamper-proof credit card style laminated packaging.

      Purchasing Gold coins and bars has never been easier. Instead of going to a store amidst this pandemic, straining your budget, you can now purchase them online through the Jar app. 

      Easy and convenient, you can now buy Digital Gold from just ₹10 on the Jar app. It can be a wise choice if you don't want to spend a lot of money.

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      Why should you buy Gold coins and Gold bars online through the Jar app? 

      • You get 99.99% pure 24 karat Gold.
      • You get a hallmark certificate along with a detailed bill.
      • You get tamper-proof packaged Gold coin and Gold bar.
      • You can buy gold in denominations of 0.5g, 1gm, 2gm, 5gm, 10gm and 20gm.
      • Gold is delivered to your home in just 7-10 days.
      • Minimal making and delivery charges are applied.

      How to buy gold coins and gold bars through the Jar app?

      Buying gold coins and Gold bars from the Jar app is as easy as ordering food or buying a product online.

      Here is how to order Gold coin and Gold bar through the Jar app: 

      1. How can I place a delivery order on Jar?

      To place a delivery order on Jar, first enter the gold catalogue via any of the three methods:

      1. Gold Delivery card at the bottom of the home screen.
      2. Transactions -> Sell Gold -> Gold Delivery
      3. Hamburger -> Gold Delivery

      Once the catalogue opens, select the gold coin or bar of your choice, enter your delivery details and place the order. Easy!

      2. What is the minimum amount of gold required to place a delivery order on the Jar app?

      You need a minimum of 0.5 grams of gold to place a physical delivery order on the Jar app.

      3. Is there any making and delivery charge for home delivery of gold on the Jar app?

      Yes. Making and delivery charges will be applied based on the amount of gold you select for home delivery.

      4. How much time does it take for gold to be delivered after placing the order on the Jar app?

      Once an order for gold delivery is placed, it generally takes 7–10 days for the coin or bar to be delivered to your doorstep. Our delivery partners always aim to deliver it within the promised time period.

      This Dhanteras, take the right path. Stay safe, smart and choose convenience. Order Gold to your doorstep through the Jar app. Download the app now.