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How is Digital Gold Investment better than Other Investments?

April 21, 2023

Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

      Owning a gold can be a good portfolio diversifier and can provide financial cover during macroeconomic & geopolitical uncertainty. Let's know how?

      If you’re new to investing, you should know that there are barely any decent investment opportunities for investors currently (unless you love to take risks).

      Returns from fixed-interest investments, especially fixed deposits, are extremely difficult to generate. 

      On the other hand, shares or equities have rallied so strongly that they are likely to remain risky instruments.

      Real estate isn’t liquid and is considered a long-term plan. So there’s unpredictability everywhere.   

      But Gold? Its prices have surged by around 300% in the last 10 years. Due to its scarcity, Gold has overtime proved to be a major cover against unexpected markets.

      You can simply resell their gold holdings at current market value through investments in digital gold without incurring extra cost.

      Doesn’t this make it the best investment out there? 

      Gold, in any form, has the longest record in terms of investment and trade. It is considered a stable and reliable option.

      Although there are changes in how gold is held, it is doubtful that gold investment would ever go out of style, particularly for investors seeking to build long-term wealth.

      People have shifted from traditional physical forms of gold to online and paper gold. Why? Because that’s a far smarter and safer decision.

      Gold is viewed as a diversification investment in general. It helps in neutralizing the effects of other high-risk investment instruments like mutual funds and stocks.

      Performs well even in volatile markets and even has the potential to improve risk factors. While other assets go down, gold is the only asset that grows.

      But you know what’s better than that? Digital Gold.

      Digital gold is simply a modern alternative to physical gold. It’s free from exchange rate manipulations and variations, allowing you to easily trade throughout the world without actually touching physical gold. Yes.

      It’s a safe, convenient, and cost-effective way of purchasing and investing in gold online that does not even require any additional storage and transportation costs.

      Good for anyone who wants to start investing and play safe until they understand the market well.

      It’s a dividend-paying asset. Even a very slight increase in the gold price can lead to substantial profits in the top gold stocks, and if you’re a gold stock owner, you will be often significantly more rewarded than real gold owners by investing in ROI. 

      Each investment has both benefits and disadvantages. Enlighten yourself with all the information you need about Digital Gold here and the difference between Physical and Digital Gold here. 

      There may be other investments better than this, but they pose an equal level of risks as well.

      That’s the primary reason why many people don’t feel comfortable investing their hard-earned money in those risky instruments.

      They even require significant capital which not everyone can afford. 

      Plus, based on a study, an average Indian millennial saves less than 10% of their salary.

      This figure is alarming! Financial advisors advise that if you want to retire comfortably, you should set aside at least 15% of your income for decades.

      But how to get into the habit if you’ve just started earning or are a rookie at investing? The solution is Jar App

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