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Indians Love Gold Investments: Here’s How Jar is Helping Them!

April 21, 2023

Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

      Digital gold can be your best investment buddy. Check out the article to get a crystal clear view!

      Gold is the centre of Indian culture and financial planning. Its cultural significance in weddings and festivals makes it the most desired metal in India. 

      From gifting gold to a bride for the wellbeing of her relations in future to specifically making gold purchases on days like Akshaya Tritiya and Dhanteras, Indians are inseparable from gold. 

      In India, gold even acts as a souvenir of past generations for families. For a very long time, gold has been the family heirloom and is even considered a benchmark of prosperity and prestige for the family. The grand wedding celebrations are the result of this gold-love of India. 

      However, this significance is not limited to festivities and emotions. Gold, as a form of secured investment, has always been the first choice of Indians. Needless to mention, any investment planning is incomplete without gold. 

      If you are an investor, it will be easier for you to understand the concept of stable returns and the hedge against inflation and other risky markets that gold provides. 

      Being a metal enables gold to not fall too low in value- in its history of thousands of years, gold has never ever fallen to a value of 0. It is capable of giving the investor stable returns. 

      While setting up an investment portfolio, it is definitely a smart way to combine risky shares and bonds with the stable cushion of gold. In case of an emergency, it is your invested gold that can save you if no other investment works. 

      Let’s look at 4 reasons why a gold investment is the pro-choice of any Indian investor: 

      1. Gold = Cash

      Gold can be conveniently converted into cash at anytime you want. This ability to liquefy easily makes gold an amazing option to be considered for an emergency fund. 

      You can consider it as an asset or as a security- either way, this portable metal will secure your finances in the best way possible. 

      2. Gold as a status symbol

      Gold and societal status go hand-in-hand in India. Gold directly is a symbol of wealth and prosperity. The more gold you own, the higher status you hold- that is why we see brides adored in pure gold jewelry during weddings. Even just gifting gold to a newly wed couple signifies a blessing for their healthy relationship in the future. 


      3. One of the safest investment options

      Gold faces a consistent rise in its value. This makes it one of the safest and most lucrative investment options. This yellow metal, in the last 5 years, has given investors an amazing 20% year-over-year returns! 

      Even during the pandemic, when demand was abruptly cut-off from most of the markets, the demand for gold didn’t face any serious problems. Once the markets began to open again, demand for gold also revived really quickly. 

      Additionally, gold acts as an amazing diversifier- making your financial portfolio less risky. All you need to do is mix your other investment options with gold and invest actively! Gold will give your portfolio a significantly stronger backup and act as a saviour in risky times

      4. Gold’s ornamental significance

      Who wouldn’t want a golden piece of art? Indians generally like to invest in physical gold. This is why most of the gold investment is nothing but various jewellery pieces. Gold jewellery is never out of style and can last forever. 

      Indian wedding rings, traditionally made of gold, signifies the long lasting relationships. In general too, women, and men alike, love to own gold jewellery. So, be it gold in its digital form or ornamental form, its significance is high either way. 

      Now you know that gold investment is the top-tier investment in India. But, how can you actually invest in it? 

      1. You can invest in gold through various ways. You can directly make a purchase of physical gold and keep it with yourself (or in a bank’s secured locker) till eternity. You can even pass this on to your next generation. 

      The only problem here would be the cost of security and maintenance. The whole responsibility for your physical gold lies with you. Even though you will have gold, it will just be lying in a locker, so why not take it out and invest it somewhere else to earn extra bucks? 

      2. Another option is to invest in Gold Sovereign Bonds. Through them, you will be able to earn an amazing interest rate. It will also provide opportunities for capital appreciation for you while diversifying your portfolio. 

      Plus, the costs and risks associated with physical gold get eliminated in the case of Gold Sovereign bonds. 

      3. Also, in case you are interested in investing in gold bullions, you may consider gold ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) an option. Gold ETFs are nothing but units representing physical gold in a paper or dematerialised form. 

      The exchange here works like that of stocks, and you will basically be purchasing gold in an electrical format backed by very high quality physical gold. However, here you won't ever actually receive the physical gold but just the cash equivalent of it. 

      If you wish to avoid the complications surrounding these investment options, you may consider investing in gold through the option of digital gold

      Through an online platform like the Jar app, you can start investing in digital gold pretty easily. Jar is a micro-saving app that lets you start saving and investing in digital gold with just Rs. 10 under 45 seconds!  

      So, in case you are a newbie in the investment market, it is totally your thing. Digital gold is becoming a top choice for investors all over India. The reason is that digital gold investment is far more profitable than physical gold

      Here’s how Jar is revolutionising investment in digital gold in India: 

      1. Start investing with just Rs. 10

      With Jar, you won’t have to worry about carrying large notes! You can start your saving and investment journey with just Rs.10. Jar targets newbies in the investment market and helps them start investing as early as possible. 

      In particular, where many of us just run away from investing due to uncertainties, starting with a secured option like digital gold is a great way to accumulate wealth! Do try the Jar app today! 

      2. Make your spare change work for you

      Your money won’t jiggle-jiggle, it’ll fold! Start investing your spare change in digital gold with the Jar app! Since you are strat with just a few spare changes, you won't have to have a lot of cash. 

      Plus, as daily rewards, Jar even offers the option to round-off your money. Start investing today! 

      3. Make small foundational investment plans

      Small steps mean a lot in the investment market. Jar lets you take baby steps towards your big financial goal! Especially if you are a teenager, you can start pretty easily with Jar and construct a completely secured portfolio. Jar offers daily spins- on your lucky day you can win the option to double your invested amount! Who wouldn’t want that? 

      Digital gold is undoubtedly a booster for your innaces. It can be both a wealth creating asset as well as a smart investment option. If you want a secured investment, you must invest in digital gold. 

      Download the Jar app today and kick start your saving and investment journey. Let Jar make things easier for you!