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6 Smart Money Saving Tips For Your Vaction in Europe

April 21, 2023

Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

      Always fancied going to France and Italy on your own terms but find yourself short of money, every time you plan on making it happen? Follow these tips and see how your Europe vacation can finally take flight!

      Traveling around Europe has always been a far-fetched dream for most of us but given how traveling has changed over the years, it has become much more accessible, and with these money saving tips for Europe vacation, it has become super affordable too.

      Planning for it can take time and effort, but wandering the pebbled street of a European city is worth it!

      Now, vacationing abroad can seem hectic and frankly overwhelming, especially if you're traveling overseas for the first time. 

      There are so many aspects that require planning; choosing the place you want to visit, booking the accommodation, filing the visa process, and above all - budgeting your finances for the trip. 

      But it can be made easy if you plan well in advance. If you are someone who likes exploring different places, then you will enjoy the process of planning too! 

      Let's look at how you should prepare for an exhilarating trip of your life while ensuring that your wallet does not take a hit!

      Avoid Tourist Season

      First thing first, when it comes to planning a Europe itinerary, you need to check the cost of your flight tickets. Most popular destinations across the continent from India can cost anywhere between Rs. 40,000 - Rs. 60,000, and even higher during tourist season. 

      Most of the summer is considered the peak travel season for trips to Europe. Consider planning your trip outside peak season if your travel dates are somewhat flexible. 

      If you want to plan a comfortable journey to Europe without spending much on flight expenses, this is the best way to make it happen.

      Peak seasons for different European nations vary, so if you're planning your vacation in multiple countries, it's important to research and find out which places you should visit first. 

      If you love the nice and quiet, then the off-season might the best time for you to experience Europe in a more relaxed way and feel its authentic vibe. 

      Keep a Separate Savings Account 

      Given the current economy and currency exchange rate from Indian Rupees to Euros, a two-week trip to Europe across countries, including flight tickets and comfortable stays, can cost around 1.5-2 Lakh/person. 

      To ensure that you have this minimum amount before you fly out on your dream vacation, you can start setting aside money in a separate savings account with much higher interest than a regular one. 

      Some investments may not give you liquid cash as soon as you want to. Considering that this travel plan falls under your short-term goal, ensure that you keep these savings in assets that help you withdraw your money quickly and hassle-free. 

      Invest Your Time in Some Side Hustles 

      We don't know anybody who doesn't love to upgrade their travel itinerary and travel in luxury! The good part is, you don't have to save extra bucks on the side to be able to make this happen - just some side hustles. 

      You can take several gig opportunities remotely, earn extra income, and add it to the Europe tour. 

      Another advantage of taking up a side hustle would be that you won't have to alter your financial plan or budgeting. 

      One of the wise things to do with your part-time income is to invest in assets like digital gold that can help manifold this amount to 1x or 2x. Investing in digital gold is simple and quick with the Jar app, where you can withdraw your money easily before your vacation.  

      Plan Ahead 

      If you want to ensure you're earning enough to sponsor your trip to the west, make sure you've done enough research and planning ahead of time. 

      You can create a rough schedule that fits comfortably inside your spending limit, balancing less expensive restaurants and cost-free activities with the more pricey ones.

      Another reason it's wise to prepare your itinerary beforehand is to be aware of the various activities and events that encircle the period you want to visit your destinations in Europe. 

      So, do extensive research; you might come across some offbeat activities or experiences that might make your journey more fun and memorable!

      Choose Your Accommodation Wisely

      Choosing your accommodation is a part of your planning process. This is a critical aspect of the planning process because it comprises a chunk of your expenditures during your vacation. 

      The only way to make this work to your advantage is by finding stays that are comfortable for you and easy on your wallet.

      When exploring hotels and stays in Europe, the options according to your budget and expectations are endless! 

      One trick that always works is to book your stays months in advance and ensure that you book refundable stays in case of any last-minute changes. 

      Keep an Eye Out For Cheap Flights 

      Regardless of the month you plan to go abroad, make sure to take the time to browse around for cheap flights before making a booking. 

      There are a few other ways to save. It is usually less expensive to purchase a multi-destination ticket than a direct ticket, where you fly into one place and out of another. 

      You can take trains or cheap airlines, which have some ludicrously low fares, to travel to your final destination. The only thing that you need to make sure of is that you do your research and wait for a good deal. 

      Another trick to save on airfares is using a VPN and booking your tickets. Sometimes you might find better deals this way. Or you can save your miles on ticket booking and get a great discount on your tickets. 

      To Wrap Up

      Traveling to Europe may seem like a long-term dream or impossible to achieve. But like any goal, if you financially plan for it, it will be effortless and much easier than you think. 

      Take note of all these aspects and see your vacation to Europe become a memorable experience of your life. 

      Happy journey!