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How to Save Money for Abroad Vacation in 2024?

April 21, 2023

Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

      Want to travel somewhere overseas by 2022-end but don’t know how to save for it? Try these five steps for a bountiful cash reserve for your travel itinerary.

      Everyone loves to travel and see the world, but a foreign vacation is not something we can do every other day. Which is why saving money for abroad vacation is important.

      If traveling were free, you'd never see anyone saving for it again! But unfortunately, a trip to Paris costs a few lakhs and more.

      There is no end to possible expenses. The expense that comes with a foreign trip is the primary reason.

      You must attend to myriad costs—traveling to accommodation, food, shopping, and collecting souvenirs when going for a vacation.

      That is a chief reason for many people to back off from going on a vacation. But the benefits of taking a vacation and rejuvenating oneself are beyond mesmerizing. 

      Let's find out the five best ways to save money to travel in 2022 that can make your foreign holiday a reality.

      Plan every aspect of your foreign vacation

      Most of the time, people decide to go on a vacation because they do not plan and make a budget. 

      Hence, it never comes to fruition. Once you have decided to go for a foreign holiday, make a plan and a travel budget, and stick to it.

      Having a plan makes it more achievable and lets you know what you need to achieve it. Many travel websites teach how to plan a trip for beginners. 

      A few browsing sessions will make you an expert. Having a thorough plan will help you understand the expenses. 

      How much will travel cost for accommodation and eating, and how much is the entry fee, etc.? Planning will help you understand how much money you need and when.

      Start investing for your foreign trip

      Once the plan is laid out and you are committed to going, investing is one of the best ways to save money for travel in 2022.

      There are plenty of short and ultra-short-term investment plans that you can look into.

      Here are some of the easiest ways you can invest in your vacation:

      Consider a few stock market investment options

      While there is risk associated with the stock market investment, there are safe options that you can rely on. 

      Such options can make you excellent returns and help you even manage holiday finance and the entire traveling expenses. 

      Open a Demat and Trading account and look for stable stocks that can offer guaranteed returns.

      Start a SIP with higher return rates

      Another investment route is to start a 6-month SIP with a good enough monthly payment that can guarantee you returns. 

      Due to the lower maturity period, your returns may not be as high as expected. But it is a safe and guaranteed option.

      Ultra-short-term investment options

      When planning to save for a vacation after six months, one of the best ways to save money for travel in 2022 is to start an ultra-short-term investment plan. 

      These plans usually last 3-6 months and perfectly fit your goals. And unlike the stock market, these investments are less volatile and guarantee much better returns.

      Spend less on eating outside and shopping

      You can easily save money for your dream vacation by cutting your expenses.

      If you are a person who often goes out to eat and shop, you may want to reduce its frequency.

      Instead of going out to eat weekly, make it once a month and save the rest of the money for your vacation.

      You can also postpone your non-essential expenses until after your vacation and save the money for your trip.

      Once you commit to a foreign trip, review everything you buy and spend your money on.

      It will help you decide whether to buy it or save money to make your dream vacation come true.

      Use coupons and discount offers to save

      No matter how much you want to cut down on the cost, there are expenses that you cannot avoid.

      But there are different ways that you can save money even when spending on these essential aspects of your living.

      Use coupons to get additional discounts when you buy anything like clothes, groceries, or even electronics.

      While the discounts may not be huge, accumulated savings can sometimes be huge.

      Another way to save money for travel in 2022 is to use discount offers when buying things.

      There are various websites and applications where you can avail numerous discounts and cashback offers when you shop. 

      Most of them allow for cash withdrawals to your bank account. Using these options diligently can certainly help you save money.

      Pick up a side hustle or gig fitting your skill

      The internet is full of websites with side hustles or freelance opportunities.

      While some of them may need you to have certain skills like designing, writing, image editing, or programming, many do not.

      You can sign up for websites like Freelancer, Upwork, or Truelancer to find gigs that suit your skill set.

      The assignments listed on these websites are not super-hard, either.

      Most of the gigs are well-paying, and you can certainly save the money you make through the gigs to fund your dream vacation. 

      These websites do not also require you to pay anything to use their service to undertake freelancing gigs.

      Hence, making a few bucks on the side makes perfect sense.


      For most people taking a vacation is just a dream. However, with good planning and saving habits, anyone can shore up enough money to travel in 2022.

       If you can do that, in 6 months, you can save the money required to plan an exciting 7-day itinerary by the end of 2022. 

      If you did not know, there are also options for saving smartly, and one of the best ways is to use the Jar app to convert your money into digital gold. 

      As gold is one of the best investments today, you can sell your digital gold at the end of 2022 to reap the benefits. 

      And you can do all that without having to go through the hassle of buying physical gold and safekeeping it. So what are you waiting for? Plan a vacation trip and start saving right away!