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What are the 3 Phases of Retirement?

April 21, 2023

Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

      Retirement planning involves more than just financial preparation. Learn about the 3 phases of retirement, and how to make the most of each one.

      We often worry about our future, financial planning and management.

      We always have a few questions: What will we do post-retirement? Do we have enough savings to take care of our retirement?

      How will we maintain our lifestyle once we stop getting regular income? what are the phases of retirement? and many more along the same lines.

      Finding answers to these questions is quite tough for retirees, so here is an Automatic Savings Apps- Jar that can surely help in taking your pressure off. With the help of this app, you can get benefited to a greater extent after retirement.

      By planning and maintaining our lifestyle, we can spend our life after retirement cheerfully. We must be cautious about our upcoming life events and manage them effectively. Financial stability and savings are important aspects of a person's life after retirement.

      It would be wise to be acquainted with the retirement planning steps for handling finances at each phase.

      The 3 Phases of Retirement

      There are three stages of retirement, and each phase's financial requirements are slightly different.

      A digital gold investment app is the best option to fulfill all needs after retirement. With the help of such outstanding investment apps, you can easily face all financial issues.

      Let's see how someone can manage personal finances for each of the three stages of retirement. 

      Active Retirement Phase

      When someone has just retired, they are in the Active Retirement phase. Their retirement has already started, the regular salary has been stopped and also they may have received some money through a gratuity, superannuation fund, etc.

      It can also be possible that they might have cashed out their share if they owned a firm. So to refrain from all such matters, use the Automatic Saving app to save retirement money for uncertainties. Here are some measures that can be taken during this period:

      1. You should verify that you have enough cash in your hands and in the bank to last for around six months' living expenditures and emergencies.

      2. It is preferable to schedule a medical assessment to evaluate your health and take the appropriate precautions. It will aid in avoiding health-related pitfalls that could upset the equilibrium of your budget.

      3. People spend more money during this stage on relaxation, hobbies and medical expenditures. However, costs of taxes, office wear and commuting will be reduced. It is a good idea to draft your Will if not done already.

      4. This is the right time to put effort into some important facets of your lives. As you start a new phase of your life, you should look for a new source of income generation by using your retirement fund; you can start growing your money with the help of the Automatic Saving app. 

      5. You should know how much money you can save and how much you will need to fund your retirement. You should review your investment portfolio and adjust it to reflect the current financial circumstances.

      6. You might need to raise your allocation to conservative investment options while decreasing some of your aggressive investments.

      The Go-Slow Retirement Phase

      This is the 2nd phase of retirement. In this phase, you become accustomed to your retired lifestyle.

      Your children may be now married and living in various homes and cities. You should discover a way to make yourself feel safe and secure by saving your money or even better, try and investing it!

      During this phase, expenses on things like taxes, home renovation and child support will go down, and your medical costs could go up.

      To make sure that you don't suffer during during this phase, always plan before your actual retirement- you need an emergency fund specially curated for your retirement plans!

      At this period of life, it will be best if your investment portfolio is more cautious because you might find it difficult to bear the threatening effects of financial losses, and it might take a long time to recover the lost funds.

      Inactive Retirement Phase 

      This is the last phase of retirement; your activities may decrease as you approach the end of your retirement.

      You may require assistance with your financial, physical or mental health. In this phase of retirement, you might not be earning enough money or maybe not earning anything at all.

      Therefore, it becomes essential for you to keep a good hold of your financial health right from your 20s or 30s.

      Well if you want to be a step ahead in your retirement planning, why not move with time and get automated?

      There are some amazing applications that will surely save you from all such issues. All you have to do is use these saving apps finely, and then you can enjoy various services.

      Some Psychological Perspectives After Retirement

      Retirement is a very important phase of anyone's life, and retirement planning should not be disregarded; we should prepare ourselves not only for financial aspects but also for some psychological perspectives. Here are some of them: 

      1. Be Psychologically Prepared  

      You need to be mentally ready to retire and stay at home. Your schedule will be less hectic, and you won't be receiving as many calls and emails as you used to receive before retirement. 

      2. Stay Active and Busy 

      You should pick a few activities and hobbies that you want to pursue after retirement. You should make sure to continue engaging in activities after retirement so that you can stay mentally and physically active and enjoy your life more.

      3. The Family Should Be Prepared

      Now as you are going to be at home, the family members should be ready to spend more time together. You should thoroughly engage yourself in certain household activities as well and thoroughly enjoy your time!

      4. Identity  

      You should be ready to live a life aside from your profession. Before retirement, you would have been known by your profession or post names, but now it would be different. It might feel quite strange at first but we promise that its quite appealing.


      This blog post contains information about different phases of retirement and a few physiological and financial plan for retirement. After retirement, you have to go through various life prospects. You should be prepared mentally and financially to survive all the upcoming difficulties and be well-equipped to overcome high medical expenses.

      There are many ways by which you can make a lot of money even after your retirement. You can use these tips for your retirement investment plans to save and grow your money.