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What is Jar App ?

April 21, 2023

Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

      Savings Simplified! Start Saving Daily with Jar App and Get a chance to double your savings every day!

      Jar is a daily gold savings app that makes saving money a fun habit by saving a small amount of money every time you spend online.

      Jar App is like a digital Piggy Bank. It detects your expenses from the SMS folder in your mobile phone and Rounds it off to the nearest 10 to generate a spare change for each of your expenses. For example if you have done a mobile recharge for 98Rs online, Jar app will detect the recharge confirmation message in your SMS folder and rounds off to the nearest 10 i.e. 100Rs and take that spare change of 2Rs(100-98) from your bank account(Attached to your UPI Id) and automatically invests in Digital Gold.

      Jar App automatically invests your spare change in 99.9% Pure Gold, which is fully secured in world-class vaults and insured by Top banks of India.

      Jar is the India's first and the Only app to use UPI Autopay to automate savings and Investments for Millions of Indians

      With blessings from NPCI and major UPI service providers of India, Jar App has come up with fully automated solutions for micro-savings and democratised investments for the larger masses of India.

      Users love Jar App for following features:

      • You can also create a Jar App Account in under 45 seconds, it's a paperless process and no KYC is needed to start saving in Jar App.
      • You can sell your anytime you want and withdraw your money to your bank account from you home itself. There is no minimum lock in period.
      • You can also play games and get a chance to double your savings for free.
      • Jar App automates your savings and helps you with discipline of saving daily.
      • Any Indian citizen with a SEBI-recognized bank account can invest with Jar.
      • Unlike physical gold, you don’t have to worry about theft or expensive locker fees. You gold is stored in bank-grade world class lockers free of cost.

      Jar App has also digitized the age-old Pigmy Deposit Scheme, Which allows every Indian with a bank account to save a fixed amount daily starting with only 1Re and Auto invest as Gold.