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Akshaya Tritiya 2023: Learn about Importance of Gold on Akshaya Tritiya

April 21, 2023

Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

      The investment Hercules- Gold- is also the star of the auspicious day of Akshaya Tritiya. To get an exciting insight, check out our article!

      Certain days on our calendar year of 2023 are already marked as auspicious- these include major Indian festivals and seasons. One such day is Akshaya Tritiya

      Akshaya Tritiya is a popular Hindu festival directly associated with the beautiful yellow metal, Gold. People consider this day auspicious for bringing home gold or for new beginnings like a new business, etc. 

      If you know the cultural association of gold with the sun and that of silver with the moon, you will understand the relationship between the sun being at its peak radiance and people purchasing gold. 

      It is believed that buying gold on this day brings endless wealth as this day is also associated with the satyug (the golden age). 

      Needless to mention, this day is especially lucrative for goldsmiths since their sales begin to skyrocket as soon as Akshaya Tritiya approaches. 

      In case you are planning to start new construction or a business venture, look for the third lunar day of the bright half (shukla paksha) in the Hindu month of Vaishakha- since that day is the auspicious Akshaya Tritiya! 

      Top 10 Reasons Why you Should Definitely Consider Investing in Gold on Akshaya Tritiya: 

      1. As per popular belief, if you purchase gold on Akshaya Tritiya, it fetches you endless wealth and prosperity.  The planetary alignment on this day ensures the success of any new financial venture or investment. 

      2. Also, many devotees welcome the Goddess of Wealth- Laxmi- on this day by making purchases of the luxurious metal gold. 

      3. Pertaining to the popular stories surrounding Lord Kuber- the God of Wealth and also the king of Yakshas in Hindu cultures- was blessed on this day by Shiva and Brahma. Kuber was banished from the golden city of Lanka by his brother Ravana. After being blessed, Vishwakarma- the architect of Gods- built a beautiful palace near Mount Kailash for Kuber. 

      Soon, on Akshaya Tritiya itself, he was made the custodian of the wealth of heaven. Therefore, people believe that worshipping him on this day opens the door to their prosperity and endless wealth. 

      4. Another belief can be traced to the popular epic- the Mahabharata. According to this, when the Pandavas were in exile, they were often visited by numerous guests. Since they didn’t have many resources available, it was difficult for the pandavas to feed them. 

      Being caught up in this dilemma, the eldest of them, Yudhishthira, worshipped Lord Surya. Satisfied with his prayers, Lord Surya offered him the famous Akshaya Patra- the inexhaustible vessel.  

      5. Another similar story, also from the Mahabharata, mentions the offering of this auspicious Akshaya Tritiya by Lord Krishna to the wife of pandavas, Draupadi. She was too stuck in the same dilemma as Yudhishthira. 

      6. Some people even believe that on this day, the 6th incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Lord Parshurama was born. 

      Here are some additional non-puranic reasons why buying gold is so famous on Akshaya Tritiya:

      7. As even previously mentioned, Akshaya Tritiya marks the beginning of the golden age- the satyug. It is believed that buying gold on this day begins a new golden-chapter in your life that is adorned with inexhaustible wealth, health, and prosperity. Plus, this day is also associated with success and goodluck. 

      8. Indians buy gold mainly for weddings. On Akshaya Tritiya, since the sun reaches its peak radiance and shines brighter than ever, buying gold signifies ever-lasting relationships and happiness for the newlyweds. 

      9. The proof of endless wealth lies within the term ‘Akshaya’ itself. Akshaya literally means the never ending or the never diminishing. Therefore, buying gold directly signifies enormous wealth for eternity. 

      10. For the Jain community, this day marks a special incident in the life of Tirthankara Rishabhanatha when he was the king of Ayodhya, centuries ago. On this day, devotees bought gold and jewelry as an offering to him to express their gratitude for his peaceful rule. 

      Gold is a smart and secure investment. Not just because of Akshaya Tritiya or any other auspicious day, gold, in general, is one of the safest investment options. Since it is capable of balancing the risk in your portfolio and ensuring easy access to cash during crucial times, it must be a part of your investment portfolio. Skipping on metals like gold while building a safe investment plan is not a good option.  

      With its history of never hitting the value of zero, gold stands strong and provides the best cushion to your finances. Be it weddings or anything else, gold is always here to stay! So if  you want to make an auspicious investment, you know the day- the Akshaya Tritiya- and you know the metal- Gold.  

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