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Why is Digital Gold the Best Gift for Your Friends & Family?

April 21, 2023

Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

      Gift? Try out digital gold! Add benefits of digital gold in your gift and secure the financial health of your close ones! Read the article below to know more!

      With the wedding season around, the natural buzz to buy gold is bound to surround you. Whether you are thinking of a gift or trying to get the best investment deals for your hard-earned money, gold will be the first thing to cross your mind. 

      You must have heard enough about gold being a secured investment option that almost never loses its value. Along with its cultural significance and popular beliefs attached, gold surpasses the demands of any other metal- especially in India. 

      Well, this gold buzz is not new. From the historical Gold Rush to the establishment of the Gold Standard System of Economies to the evergreen presence of gold in the investment market, we can conclude that gold is here to stay!

      Gold may be old, but it still remains the epitome of generational wealth and prosperity. With new innovations, the emergence of digital gold has further strengthened gold’s relevance and has made it accessible to all!

      Let’s look at why you should consider digital gold as a gift option: 

      Reasons to Consider Digital Gold As Your Next Gift to Friends & Family 

      Easy Online Availability

      Digital gold is readily available online. There are plenty of online apps (like Jar) available where you can start buying digital gold for as low as Rs. 10. With some apps, you may begin by buying just 1 gram of gold. 

      Digital gold is not just easily available, but it is pretty affordable too. You don’t even need to contact any broker for specialized services, rather with just a few taps, you can buy digital gold and send them to your friends and family. 

      All you have to do to invest or buy digital gold is simply log in to apps like Jar, check the current trading price and buy as per your budget. No complications involved!

      Assured Purity

      Another feature that makes digital gold the best gift option for your friends and family is its purity. Though the whole system is online and you may feel threatened by fraud, the digital gold that you buy and invest in through Jar is guaranteed and completely secured. 

      You get access to safety vaults for storage of your gold and as per your convenience, you can get it home delivered. That being said, it makes it clear that digital gold is pretty cost-effective. You don't need to spend much on storage requirements.

      Plus, though at the time of selling, you may have to face loss in the case of physical gold, in case of digital gold, you get amazing deals with no bargaining hassles and seamless online transactions.  

      Digital gold has 99.9% assured purity. That is, you get access to pure 24-carat gold with just a few bucks. In case your friends or family require cash, it is easy to sell digital gold and get money instead. 

      Therefore, if you give someone digital gold as a gift, you basically give them open ground to save and invest and improve their financial health. 

      Secured Investment Option For Beginners

      Well, don’t we all look for safe investment options nowadays? Especially as a beginner, complex investment options like stocks and bonds may confuse you. This is where digital gold brings comfort. 

      Since you get access to safety vault lockers for storage,  excellent quality, assured home delivery and need barely any pre-savings to start, digital gold will give you a sense of security. 

      As for the people that plan to give digital gold as a gift, this can inspire them to save and invest too! Plus, dealing with digital gold is no rocket sign- you can save and invest in digital gold while on a cab ride or dining out! 

      An additional feature that online apps provide is the facility of pooling your money (in case you are a group of friends or family members) and then buying a larger quantity of gold. What else can be more convenient than digital gold!? 

      A Simple Alternate to Gold ETFs and Other Funds

      Purchasing digital gold is easy and secure. What makes it an amazing alternator to gold ETFs is purity, convenience and liquidity. 

      With digital gold, there is a lesser number of costs involved. You have to face only a one-time GST charge while with options like gold ETFs, there are annual fees and other charges involved. 

      Another feature of digital gold investments is that there is no Demat account required. You can start saving and investing in digital gold simply by logging in on an application on your phone. 



      Digital gold should be on the list of your go-to gift options. Be it your friend or any of your family members, be it a wedding or a birthday party, be it just for saving or investing- digital gold fits everywhere. 

      We are all aware of the significance of physical gold and must have seen our family members preserving gold jewelry for years and passing it on from generation to generation.  Well, you can do the same but with a new-age twist! 

      The in-vogue digital gold culture is bound to change the savings and investment game. You can easily buy it online and then give it to anyone you want. They can further keep it as physical 24-carat pure gold or sell it and use the money instead. 

      Especially if you are just thinking of stepping into the investment world, why not create a gold cushion for your risky investments? 

      Furthermore, if you give someone digital gold as a gift, you give them abundance and an asset that won’t vanish. 

      To start saving and investing in digital gold, login to the Jar app today! You can begin with just Rs. 10 and get your hand on pure 24-carat pure gold. Plus, Jar aims to strengthen your financial security through educating you about various savings and investment options. 

      You can earn daily spins, double your investment amount and round-off your spending. This way of automated savings definitely secures your financial well-being and builds your portfolio.