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7 Investment Trends To Keep An Eye In 2024

April 21, 2023

Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

      Check out these 7 trends to up your investing game and build good investment habits. Read More.

      Healthy changes that come into play at the right time pay off the best. The money that we invest in the market is what we look forward to paying off well when we dive into investing, and keeping an eye on the latest investment trends is crucial in achieving that.

      With this constantly revamping world and uncertain situations in the market, we all want to seek the best. But how? Firstly, investing anywhere isn’t an easy task and on top of that, we can never know what the future holds for us!

      Therefore, to begin, why not follow the trends (to get an upper hand) and see if the strategy in vogue contains the solution to our dilemma. 

      Here are the seven trends you can hop on to build good investment habits that are expected to greatly influence investing in the market:

      1. Recovering Economies Worldwide

      Since the beginning of the uncontrollable COVID-19 pandemic, the health of economies have been under isolation just like the consumers themselves.

      With fall in investments due to loss of jobs, the governments all around the world raised their spending to maintain sober demand in the market.

      Whether they have been successful or not is a different discussion, what we now know is that inflation is bound to hit our pockets really hard. 

      With the market friendly policies, we are aiming to increase investments. All investors need a reliable market condition that averes the maximum risk and yields the best, isn't it?

      Yes, and therefore, with protection from government or at least a proper official backup, the reviving economies are attracting investments in various sectors like startups.

      2. Digitalisation

      We live in a digitalised world, don't we? From paying bills in the mall to the tea stalls, from booking flights to booking  spas, we have come a long way!

      Since such platforms are gaining so much of our attention, it is of no surprise that investors are keeping an eagle eye over them. 

      With expectations of high returns, it is natural for them to invest in such platforms through either buying their shares or starting one of their own.

      The growth and revival of financial markets is another reason why investments are expected to take a positive leap in platforms like e-commerce websites. 

      3. Rise in OTT (Over The Top) platforms

      Web series have replaced our normal sitcom gossip and about theatres? Our PCs hold the throne now! From news to sports, from Friends to The Office, from C-dramas to popular K-dramas, our shell of entertainment took a whole transformation that is even stronger than the Hulk. But no, we won’t complain. 

      The list of OTT platforms is growing longer and longer. Netflix ain’t the only hero now, we have a dozen of options. With free subscriptions through data recharges and attractive free trials, we get the taste of all of them without any extra cost and that’s what makes them even more appealing.

      So why not invest there? Of Course, yes! This is what investors are doing nowadays and may continue to do so for a long period.

      4. Surging Competitors in the Market

      Even though the recession still persists in economies all over the globe, we surprisingly have a very active and successful startup culture all over the world. Big industry giants like Amazon will have to face strong competition in the near future. 

      With several emerging unicorns, the market is transforming on the daily. The customer satisfaction is finally being given some heed. Consumers are the rulers and the most important deciding factor about who wins and who fails. 

      Despite the competition, investment in similar companies or startups is the new talk of the town. Why? It is so because competition is what brings out the best in the market.

      It takes care that the returns are equally higher for the smart marketers and investors. This high competition is exceptionally beneficial for investors since they are the ones who can make it or break it.

      5. Revival of Consumer Commodity Prices

      The roller coaster ride for prices was finally getting on track after the ongoing pandemic but now the new issue is banging on the door. While the pandemic reduced prices and now the Russia-Ukraine crisis is raising them again. 

      The prices of commodities related to  crude oil and  arms are taking a leap,  heavy for  the pockets of the consumers but lavishing for investors.

      Even with the shrinking export market due to domestic industries protection acts, the manufacturing countries concentrated in Asia and South America are amazingly doing well. Large investors all over the world are ready to reap benefits of this. 

      6. In-demand Sectors like Housing

      We saw a rise in housing prices and many of us went through a drain of money from our pockets due to this. Needless to say, laborers were the most  severely hit.

      One of the reasons was the lack of large housing projects, but the situation is no more so. Even the government is carrying out a large housing for all campaign and it will surely bring about a revolution in the housing sector. 

      However, since the private markets are reviving, so does the private housing market. There are large housing projects being carried out and the returns are just as lavishing! Don’t we want amazing returns? Housing sector is here for us.

      7. Tragic return of Inflation

      Taking things technically, the consumer price inflation is potentially rising. In simple words, consumer commodities prices are rising again.

      The central banks are bound to tighten their  policies. The goal is to increase demand but maintain a sober inflation. Anything high will take a toll over the whole economy and no, we don’t want that. 

      Reviewing the current scenario, it might happen that bonds aren’t as popular as the money market. The crux is hard to understand but if the central bank decides not to buy bonds, the demand is bound to rise since money supply is high as ever. 

      These seven trends are here to influence millennial investment habits. Since the times are uncertain, a thorough research on market conditions is what will reap us fruits, the rest is all in the hands of unforeseen influences. 

      And we all know, in uncertain times, when the market goes down, the price of Gold goes up. It acts as a hedge against inflation and investing in it is a good option as it helps in neutralizing the effects of other high-risk investment instruments such as mutual funds and stocks. 

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