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7 Unexpected Uses of Credit Cards to Explore

April 21, 2023

Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

      Credit cards can ignite a whole bunch of creativity in the most unexpected way. To know more, check out this article!

      Credit cards are definitely capable of providing their owner with amazing benefits and ease of spending. It makes your life much easier than it would be with a debit card or cash as it has various perks to offer. However, not everyone can handle them. If you have a credit card that you are not using anymore, here are some unexpected uses of credit card you should explore.

      In case things go too out of hand, you may even end up being caught up in a debt. Apart from everything golden about a credit card, this possibility of drowning your finances in a debt is the perfect chink in your armor. Many people would avoid owning a credit card due to this and some just abandon their existing ones when they start to feel that things may not end up well financially.

      The key duty of any credit card holder is to pay dues on time, spend within the credit limit and not let the balance accumulate. If you know that these will be difficult for you, don’t buy a credit card in the first place. But if you feel that your finances won’t shake due to these requirements, go for a credit card. 

      If you should (or shouldn’t) own a credit card is not our focus here. The focus is on the question of what to do if you are fed up with your credit card. The reason may be debt or simply the financial reawakening that made you like the options of debit cards or cash better than credit cards.

      Whatever it is, the point is that you basically don’t know what to do with your card anymore. Should you throw it away or look for some alternative uses? What should you do with your sleek rectangular friend? Yikes! We got many cool things on our palette! 

      Here are the 7 unexpected uses for your almost abandoned credit card to make it work (definitely not in the usual way): 

      1. Going on a vacation? Let’s name your baggage!

      In case you have finally given up on using a credit card and it is basically lying in your drawer doing nothing, it's time to take it out. No, you don’t have to use it in a basic way. Take it out, preferably cover it with either paint or chart paper, write your name (and/or contact number), and stick it on your travel bag- easy! This way, the next time you go out on a vacation and lose your bag, it will be much easier to get it back or to recognize it amongst similar bags- unless someone intentionally stole it;)

      2. Is your table unstable? Let’s fix the length!

      How many times have you been irritated by the unrepairable unevenness of your little table, stool or chair? It's time to replace the folded paper pieces with something solid. Yes, by solid we mean your credit cards. It's better if you have 2-3 discarded cards. Just stick them together, check the space and insert the credit card remedy in. Fixed! You are finally from the pain of a one-leg-short table. 

      3. Bookmarks for the bookworm in you!

      In case you are a book lover, you will understand how it feels to get submerged in a blissful book and suddenly lose the page you were reading. Things would be so different only if you had a bookmark. You must’ve seen some bookmarks made out of cardboard, plastic, paper, threads, etc.

      You can try something new if you are privileged enough to own a credit card that is currently of no use to you. Just cut in any shape you desire or larvae the shape untouched but paint it beautifully and there you go- your own personally customized bookmark! - Never lose any page ever again.


      4. You got a name for your plants? Paint it on your credit card! 

      Some of us like to name things. You may even like to rhyme them with each other. It is best if you have some pets (animals or plants alike). In case you have found a too cool name for your furry or the leafy buddy, just let the world know. Grab that unused credit card, either cut out the alphabet or simply paint the name over it. Once done, tie it around your plant’s pot or your furry friend’s neck- there you go, the pretty customized name tags!

      5. A cool phone case? Yes! 

      If you are a phone-aesthetic lover, you would love this option. Take your unused credit card, paint it however your heart wants you to and stick it to your phone case. In case you use a clear phone case, it is even better if you can just slide it inside! Who knew you could someday use your sleek rectangular card as a phone case decor~ perfect use indeed. 

      6. Tired of coffee/tea circles on your tables? Make some cool coasters!

      No more coffee/tea stains on your precious tables and slabs. If you own an unused credit card, you must not complain. Grab that crab and put it under your coffee/tea mugs. Say no to dirt, and welcome the clean tables! 

      7. Let’s get creative! Ever heard of mosaic art? 

      Lastly, you can take a step ahead and be fully creative with your unused credit card. You can make a cute masterpiece from scratch. Just cut your credit card into small pieces and randomly paste them on a themed sheet. You will get an amazing piece of art that can be used as house decor. You can even put it on your work table at the office.

      Credit cards hold much more than just credit limits and normal benefits. Even if you don’t want to use them in the usual way, you can ignite your inner artist and get creative. You can use your credit card for several unexpected purposes like an ice scraper or a label. Try anything, get creative! 

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