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From Stressful to Stressfree, here's how the Jar App can Make your Money work for You

April 21, 2023

Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

      Don't work hard to save money. Let your money work for you! Explore how the Jar app can make this a reality.

      Whether you earn six or seven figures monthly or annually, how you plan and manage your finances dictates your lifestyle and future stability.

      Failing to manage your finances can make the richest of the rich go to rags, a classic case of why even the world's billionaires go bankrupt.

      Infact, stress emerging from the financial crisis can be detrimental to health and lead to  comorbidities like high blood pressure, cholesterol, PCOD, and diabetes.

      This is why the first step to having a stress-free life in the long haul and being in control of your financial life is to educate yourself about financial planning, savings, and investing.

      Budgeting & Savings: The Basics of Managing Finances Easier

      Making suitable investments and savings is the secret to a stress-free financial life. It is natural to feel overwhelmed when we think of savings and investments when combating the effects of inflation.

      But most of us get overwhelmed as soon as we hear these two words. It is hard to spare a large amount of money.

      This is why budgeting makes life easier. Once you get your salary (assuming you are a salaried individual), divide it into five categories:

      • Money to pay for monthly expenses
      • Investment
      • Emergency fund
      • Wants
      • Savings in an easy-to-access account

      Having money well managed in separate categories helps you ensure financial security and space to grow your wealth.

      Having adequate savings works like a cushion that can guard you and your family against unexpected adversaries and financial distress.

      Plan to pay for your basic expenses first, like rent (if you live in a rented house), loan EMI installment, food and grocery, electricity, phone bill, broadband bill, and other utilities. Once that is tackled, then only you can start saving money. 

      It is not necessary to save thousands of rupees every month at once. The critical aspect of savings is developing a habit of saving.

      You can start with as low as ₹1. Yes! You can build wealth even with ₹1. Here's how:

      Jar: Your daily savings app

      Jar is India's first and only app that allows you to auto-save in digital gold every time you spend money online. Think of Jar as your digital piggy bank.

      The best part about your savings in Jar is that you can choose an amount you're comfortable saving daily. Start as low as Rs.10/day or increase to Rs.5000/month.

      The choice to save as per your saving limit rests on you. The best part, you're saving and investing your money in 24K digital gold.

      When it comes to safety, you have nothing to worry about. Jar app is NPCI-authorized and has helped over 8+ million Indians save money and invest it in digital gold daily.

      But why digital gold?

      The answer is very simple. For Indians, gold holds a significant importance. Not only is it the most widely-used metal to make jewelry, but is also used as an investment, and treated as a symbol of prosperity and social status.

      But, with changing times, there's been a shift in the mindset of how people perceive gold. Physical gold is no longer considered a smart choice for investment due to the value depreciation aspect and fear of theft. 

      Hence, investors today consider digital gold, gold bonds, gold ETFs, and gold mutual funds smart alternatives. Here's why:

      • You no longer have to worry about the security of gold ornaments.
      • You can purchase it from anywhere, anytime.
      • You can buy digital gold from as low as ₹1. 
      • It works as a hedge during inflation. 
      • You can be rest assured that you are investing in 24-carat 99.99% pure gold.

      How can you save money and build wealth with the Jar app?

      As a micro-savings platform, Jar app detects your online expenses, rounds them off to the nearest 10th digit and saves the difference (spare change) in 24K digital gold. 

      Let's take an example. Suppose you ordered food online worth ₹228. Now, Jar app will detect the payment and will round it off to the nearest 10 which in this case would be ₹230. The spare change of ₹2 gets auto-saved in your Jar account. 

      The best thing is you can pause anytime. There is no lock-in period. However, it is advisable to hold these savings for a long period. 

      Here's how the Jar app can ensure your money works for you in the longer run

      1. Save daily, consistently 

      If you are one who struggles to set aside money in large amounts as savings, then the Jar app is a blessing for you.

      As a micro-savings platform, it allows you to save money in small amounts daily. Thus, you don't feel stressed out and develop a habit of saving.  

      2. Auto-invest with Jar

      We understand that you have a lot of expenses to make and bills to pay as soon as you get your salary.

      But, investing is also crucial if you want to build wealth for your future or fulfill your dreams.

      But if you are not very good at diligently saving and investing, Jar app's auto-saving feature is a boon.

      Through this feature, you can automate your savings in digital gold. Start with as low as ₹10 and make your savings grow. 

      3. Safe & Secure 

      Sure, shares and stock markets give much higher returns in a short period. But, it is also very risky due to the volatile nature of the stock market.

      So, if you are someone who likes safe investment avenues and are not bothered with comparatively lesser returns, investing in gold is your safest option.

      You can rest assured that your invested money will be safe because gold prices do not depreciate quickly. 

      4. Sell gold anytime

      Buying gold jewelry is an aspirational expense as it uplifts your social status. But, purchasing this glittery metal is an expensive affair.

      With the Jar app, you can save money in small amounts in digital gold. As soon as it reaches your target amount required to buy the gold ornament you want, you can sell the digital gold and withdraw.

      Purchase it for yourself or as a gift for your mom/wife/sister - Jar app makes gold buying seamless and hassle-free.

      Final word

      Hope these money tips have been helpful. We know you work hard every day to earn money. So, saving money shouldn't be an additional chore.

      Make your money work for yourself and grow over time. All you have to do is keep patience. Jar app allows you to save daily and automatically.

      Download Jar app today to start your journey towards a stress-free life.