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7 Ways to Save Money for Your Foreign Trip

April 21, 2023

Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

      Automate your finances either manually or via an app. Keep reading to learn how to make the most of the automation process to save up for your dream vacation!

      Creating goal-oriented savings is the trick to saving wisely and ensuring that your targeted financial objectives are met. Saving money for your foreign trip is no different.

      A trick in personal finance is to ”pay yourself first.” For instance, you may want to save towards an overseas trip or any other goal.  

      You can save towards this goal by depositing small amounts of money into an account that gives you the benefit of compounding so that your money proliferates. You can start this process well ahead of your trip.

      Whatever your goal, whenever you create goal-oriented savings, it always helps to plan well ahead of your goal timeline.  

      Using an auto savings app helps to automatically debit your account and create recurring deposits into your savings account. This will help you make your trip without too much financial strain.

      Automatic Savings Apps

      In recent years, several innovative apps have been launched into the market which debits and automatically credit your recurring savings into a high-yield savings account.

      These apps have a sweeping facility, and you can start saving with a very meagre amount. Even amounts as low as Rs 10 are swept into your savings account.

      Your savings earn high-yield returns as these underlying assets grow at a compounded rate. You can set up the periodic frequency you desire.

      The automatic savings app will automatically debit money from your bank account and create deposits and a savings pool for you.

      This makes it easy for you to save money for that vacation you've always dreamt of.

      Creating Short-term and Long-term Savings

      These automatic savings Apps help you with both short-term savings and long-term savings.

      They represent financial solutions and enable you to make goal-oriented savings.

      Some apps also use Artificial Intelligence which analyses your spending patterns and sweeps money according to your short-term or long-term goals.

      You don’t have to remember or transfer money from your salary account. The app does it instantaneously for you without you having to make the decisions.

      As your bank account is automatically debited periodically to create a savings pool for you, your savings habit is formed by default. You don't have to remember to save money consciously as.

      With the help of these automatic savings plans, you can automate your savings. You can save money for a trip or an expensive foreign vacation.

      Some automatic savings plans can also create the flexibility to choose ETFs and mutual funds savings options which facilitate long-term savings. They can transfer funds to a recurring investment account. Portfolio choices are displayed, and you can make a selection.

      Control your Expenditure

      You may decide to cut some of your regular monthly expenses. Just think about it.

      These expenses are some of the basic necessities of your daily life. So you must have them.

      But are you overdoing them? For example, Are you storing more groceries than you need? Are you paying your maid'/servant extra for things you can do yourself, etc.?

      You must add these amounts to the savings pool. This will help your savings pool to grow faster.

      Any recurring expenses you cancel and any one-off savings you generate must automatically be added to the savings.

      This way, your savings pool will grow even faster. This can help you build big momentum towards your savings goals.

      Weed out Unnecessary Expenses

      The expenses you cut may include a gym membership and  OTT subscriptions you might not use often.

      You can also try to cut down on your impulse buying habits. Trust me; this helps a lot. Any excess amount in your bank account should automatically be swept into your savings pool.

      These savings will help you achieve your goal-oriented savings, and you can easily save money for that perfect overseas trip.


      Track the Progress of your Savings Account

      Track the progress of your savings account by replicating it in a spreadsheet. You will immediately know how much savings you are generating every month.

      It could be a simple spreadsheet with the date, pending contributions, returns and savings balance. This progress chart will track and show how fast your savings balance grows.

      By analyzing your savings account, you can also ascertain the return or yield on your investments.

      From this, you can easily estimate how many future contributions you have to make. You can also create distinct scenarios with varying yields.

      Creating this spreadsheet will make your savings target seem more achievable to you.

      Saving Tax Refunds

      You are eligible for a tax refund when you pay more advance tax than your tax liability.

      All such extra inflows from tax refunds into your bank account should be automatically saved.

      This will add to your savings pool at an increasing rate, and you will be able to save for your dream foreign trip faster.

      Investing Windfall Gains

      You may receive some windfall gains: Some of the extra efforts you have been making in your career may result in some windfall gains either in the form of additional sales commissions or from your equity trading account.

      Instead of making some impulse buys, this amount should automatically be swept into your targeted savings account.

      You may also receive a financial legacy as an inheritance from one of your relatives.

      It would help if you took the time to evaluate these unexpected financial inflows.

      Again instead of splurging, you can direct these into your savings account so that your savings accumulate faster.

      Key Takeaways

      Once you instil the habit of saving regularly, you can create short-term goal-oriented savings and slowly build towards long-term wealth maximization.

      You can do it manually or use online automatic saving apps that use AI to study your spending patterns and help you choose the best savings plan.

      The best part is that these apps automate your savings plan.

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